Westminster Seminary CA, Class of 2016 — Joseph receiving his diploma from Dr. Godfrey. His academic advisor, Dr. Baugh to the right.

Joseph Yang grew up in a Christian household, where he regularly attended a Christian & Missionary Alliance church within the Hmong District. Having grown up in the C&MA, Joseph naturally went to their historical campus in Nyack, NY where he received his bachelor’s in Pastoral Ministries.  While at Nyack College, Joseph’s first exposure to the Doctrines of Grace was from an Assemblies of God Pastor/Professor who urged him to learn Greek, Hebrew, and to study doctrine diligently (and to not let anyone tell him otherwise). This new insight into Reformed theology led him to embrace the teachings of R.C. Sproul. After graduating from Nyack in 2010, Joseph received a call to serve within a C&MA church in the Southern Pacific District. By November of 2012,  Joseph resigned, hoping to go back to the Hmong District.  However, due to theological differences Joseph sought to immerse himself in Reformed theology by pursuing his MDiv from Westminster Seminary, CA (his theological rehab center).

Joseph graduated in 2016 and served two years in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Chaplain Candidate (2LT).  He is currently a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and hopes to see others within the Hmong community join in the Reformed conversation from a confessional standpoint.

Chaplains, Chaplain Candidates, and Chaplain Assistants on their last day of UMT Training – July 14-15, 2017